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Hosting a Website Using Github Pages

Hosting a Website Using Github Pages

Hosting a website can be cumbersome at times (and occasionally costly). I remember going through decision paralysis just trying to choose a hosting company. I was debating if I should use Netlify to host a project I did a while ago (130 websites project)

While doing my research, I came across Github pages! I thought that you can only host a single page, and you have to have your username as the branch name, but it turns out, no that's not the case! So since I already have my project as a Github repo the better solution would be to use Github pages!

I came across this wonderful guide provided by Github on how to set a project page. The setup was simple, all I had to do was make sure I have a index.htm file on my main branch

and then head over to the settings -> pages -> and set up the branch and root file

then within a couple of minutes, my side was up!

I ran to a minor error which was the link path for the projects, but after fixing it

the projects link worked.

Now that was simple. I wonder if it can work with node projects 🤔 Well that's a task for another project.